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I'd give negative stars if possible.

Note, we paid American Van Lines to move our possessions, not destroy them.

Just a few (seriously) examples: These movers have severely damaged our granite dining room table (frame damage, unsafe given weight). They crushed half of our boxes, broken lamps (matching set, destroyed one of them), plates (old wedding set, which is basically worthless as pieces can't be replaced), vases, damaged bikes (I watched them use brute force to try to turn the handlebars, which caused a bent rim), the dropped a box off the truck, in front of us, leading to a broken vase which then cut a hole in a $300 coat....Now, using g the coat as cushioning wasn't the best idea, but the vase made it all the way to my driveway before it broke. And as a further insult, while we all heard the vase shatter, one of the movers had the gall to tell me I should have packed it better!!! After dropping the box 5-whatever feet, upside down, off of the back of the truck!!! Seriously? Some wood furniture got scratched up pretty badly too. There is a point that so much was damaged...I don't even think I can value the amount of damage done. And much of it had intrinsic the silly little ceramic statue of Nessie that I bought in Inverness, Scotland 20 years ago, just to have it shattered by these folks.

We have moved many, many times, including cross country several times. That table I noted has been moved across the country 3 times before this move and numerous times locally, without a scratch. Every one of these moves was us hiring people to load/unload a truck that u then drove. Through all of the moves we have only ever suffered one issue with a slightly damaged leg to an entertainment cabinet. I know how to pack and never have had one other single broken item....until American.

I have pictures of so many broken items, crushed boxes etc. The boxes are crushed, collapsed and punctured. Even though items inside were packed in bubble wrap and paper, many of our things didn't have a chance given how they treated our possessions. One of the causes is that, while they were hired to load a truck and move it directly, and said that's exactly what was going to happen, they unloaded and reloaded our stuff onto another truck. I can only assume that it was during that process and reload, where clearly items of too much weight were put on top of things that couldn't support it. *** the wheels on a $1000 grill were completely mashed, clearly from excessive weight/poor packing.

And let me not forget to mention the numerous scratches in our wood floor made by one of the guys unloading the truck...there are numerous places where he used a dolly and then pulled it out from the load.

I started an inquiry about compensation, but with excessive work traveling, no receipts for my stuff to support their valuation request, and a lack of time to find a floor person to come in to provide an estimate to repair my floors, I let the time slip by. That's on me.

So then American sent me a survey, and I told them basically all of this. A manager, Theresa C., reached out to me to talk. Given my busy schedule I tried to schedule a time. She agreed, and then didn't call. I rescheduled, she agreed via email, and then didn't call. I've tried emailing back and have left her a few voice mails, nothing ever returned. Go figure.

So, I see that this company generally had good reviews. Well, this is why we hired them. We clearly got their worst staff at best and so I can only recommend that you not risk it and hire someone else, anyone else. A couple of {{Redacted}} literally throwing your stuff into the back of a rental truck would do a better job and leave you with more stuff intact.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Van Lines Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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